Neelkanth Residency

Neelkanth School and Neelkanth Residency is a twin project and is planned to take shape in the village Kamatalav situated on the boarder of Dholera. The village Kamatalav is located next to the boarder of Dholera SIR and is situated strategically between Dholera SIR and Dholera International Airport. Recently a road joining Dholera International Airport and Dholera is sanctioned at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.92 Crore. It is expected that this road will witness hectic development activity due to its proximity between Dholera SIR and International Airport. Several commercial ventures like, Hotels, Hospitals, malls and other recreation facility is likely to take shape on this route in the region.

  • Neelkanth Residency
  • Next to the school it is decided to build a residential township under the name of Neelkanth residency, wherein residential plots will be offered at an attractive price. The major attraction of Neelkanth residency is its strategic location. This location is surrounded by several landmark projects, that is approved and is being built around it.

  • Neelkanth Residency
    • First, the site of Neelkanth Residency is very near to an upcoming International Airport, at a distance of only 3 km. Since the deadline for the airport to be operationalised is 2023, this will prove to be a game changer for this region.
    • Second, Neelkanth Residency site is also near to a proposed metro train station, at a distance of only 1 km. The station will be on the rout for metro train which will be starting form Gandhinagar and reaching Dholera. The route is expected to take up under construction during phase II of Ahmedabad metro rail project. This facility will be in operation latest by 2020. This route will reduce the duration of Dholera and Ahmedabad to only 45 minutes.
    • Third, Neelkanth residency site is located very next to an approved town planning scheme (TP-1 scheme) of Dholera. The TP-1 scheme is already sanctioned and the execution of work is about to start. This will encourage hectic sale of land in this area once the TP scheme will be over. The scheme is spread in 51.4 sq. km and is likely to be completed in 3-4 years’ time.
    • Fourth, a 10 lane and 250 m wide road to connect Ahmedabad and Dholera is a major benefit. The road is already approved and land procurement for certain part of this road is already completed. This road passes from the Neelkanth residency site just by a distance of 1 km. The site is also having good connectivity with an existing state highway which is just 3 km away.
    • Fifth, Neelkanth residency site is on a newly sanctioned road. This road will be joining International Airport and Dholera SIR. This road is 20 m wide and is estimated to cost Rs. 1.92 crore. This road will be a major centre of the activity between Dholera and Dholera International Airport.
    • Sixth, benefit of Neelkanth residency is availability of a CBSE school just adjacent to its site. Neelkanth school project, which will a modern school and will be lashed with latest infrastructure. The school will be spread in approximately 20,000 square meter area and will be a centre of education for the entire region.
    • Seventh, the Neelkanth residency site is very near to the boarder of Dholera SIR. Amli village located at this common boarder of Dholera and Kamatalav village is already declared as an industrial zone. This industrial zone is only 1 km away from site. Availability of the industrial zone near to site will ensure very good opportunity of employment.

  • Looking to all this benefits one can conclude that the investment in Neelkanth residency is very attractive. Further Neelkanth Residency scheme offers low cost residential plots to the investors at this stage. Because of cost advantage investor can buy residential plots at low cost and can purchase a large piece of land, and can plan an affordable housing or residence at a later date. Planning residence in this way one can significantly bring down an overall cost of residence. Purchase a plot for residence at a low price will also reduce the need of taking large component of loan from financial institutes and the cost of borrowing money for the residence will be negligibly low.

  • Neelkanth Residency
  • Neelkanth residency site is well equipped with all basic amenity and support. The site is having 24 hrs pure drinking water available from Narmada sub-cannel. It has ready to use electric supply installed near the site. Additionally, an existing residential locality of village Kamatalav is just 700 meters away. Another residency site of around 500 plots is located very next to Neelkanth school. All 500 plots of this site are already sold-out. Most of the plot owners of these plots belongs to Mumbai. It is expected that these occupants will construction of their residence in their plots by 2020.

  • Neelkanth Residency
  • Neelkanth residency is specially design for the optimum benefit of the residents. It has a central road passing through the residency and a very well distribution of common plots. The site is also having several corner plots in the residency, this will give option of privacy to the members. The Neelkanth residency has four common plots. Selection of amenities in the Neelkanth residency is made to provide essential facility to its members. For instance, it is proposed to provide:

    • A reading hall for senior citizens and students.
    • A group of provision and grocery stores providing basic amenity and supply.
    • A band stand.
    • Children’s play area and a small temple.

  • The members of Neelkanth residency will be in natural advantage of utilising rich infrastructure and facility of Neelkanth school. Few facilities like football ground and joggers track can be enjoyed in evening hours and for the whole day during the school holidays. Besides this the members of Neelkanth residency can also take part in several school events, lecture series and other vocational programs, that is organised by Neelkanth school from time to time. Kindly note that Neelkanth residency accept all money through bank transection only and do not deal in cash. This will help investor improve confidence and surety of their paid money. Neelkanth residency also offer their investors 100% carpet area of the plot. This will significantly bring down the cost of plots.

  • The development of the plot for the residential purpose near Dholera-SIRcan be wisely carried out once the other infrastructure facility is spring up or developed nearby. A real estate investor can benefit from low cost at this stage. This way the total investment (of building residence) will be spitted it to two parts and the overall cost of borrowing of the funds will be slashed down. Under low interest rate regime and while real estate market is still high, it is advisable to buy a plot at a lower rate near upcoming projects like Dholera-SIR. The construction over the plot can be planned at a later stage, this will reduce the net cost of borrowing and the choice of construction and its duration can be decided by investor so that the total cost of the project can be lower and overall cost will be very small.

  • Neelkanth Residency
  • For more information log on to our website, and get all important information about Dholera SIR project as well as about Neelkanth school and Neelkanth residency. Please call on us today and book a site visit. The site visit will take you to a small tour of the Dholera SIR region and will witness you the development activity of different projects in and around the Neelkanth residency. If you are convinced with the vision of Dholera SIR and develop a good confidence in the development of Dholera, you may proceed to book a plot and be a proud partner of government’s effort to develop the First Smart City of India and also support an initiative of making of a school.

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