Why to buy a new residence?

    • Residence for future need of kids, spacious residence at low cost, better health and education facility.
    • Tired with heavy traffic and fed-up with poor public facility like, bus, train, etc.
    • Tired of high municipality tax and property tax (12% for Mumbai).
    • Better law-and-order and social security compared to Mumbai.
    • A residence near international airport for frequent visit to India.
    • A residence that connect me with Mumbai within 3 hours.
    • A wise investment for my retired or pension funds where there are high returns.

What should be a good residence is?

    • Need a large residence-cum-commercial facility for zero commuting time.
    • Need to take advantage of affordable housing loan subsidy at a later stage.
    • A Good schooling for kids and better infrastructure compared to Mumbai.
    • Flexible payment option and want all payment through bank, no cash transactions.
    • Do not want to sale my existing residence in Mumbai.
    • Do not want to buy residence on loan, my interest burden must be equal to zero.

    • Site is 3 Km away from Navagam International Airport, ready by 2023, 1 Km away from nearby Ahmadabad Metro station (ready by 2019), and is planned to be connected by road with Ahmadabad by 250 m wide or 10 lane road (ready by 2019).
    • Distance of, Mumbai to Ahmadabad is only 2 hours by proposed bullet train and Ahmadabad to Dholera-SIR is only 45 min by metro train.
    • 24 hours Narmada water is available through canals and electric connection is available.
    • Proposed site for a CBSE school is nearby and a University is proposed just 5 Km away.

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