Neelkanth Residency Dholera,Dholera Sir Property,Neelkanth School Dholera,Dholera Sir Project,Best Investment Dholera,Dholera tradition of education

Neelkanth School

  • Neelkanth School Dholera
    Neelkanth Residency Dholera,Dholera Sir Property,Neelkanth School Dholera,Dholera Sir Project,Best Investment Dholera,Dholera tradition of education
  • Neelkanth School Dholera and Neelkanth Residency is a twin project and is planned to take shape in the village Kamatalav situated on the boarder of Dholera. The village Kamatalav is located next to the boarder of Dholera SIR and is situated strategically between Dholera SIR and Dholera International Airport. Several commercial ventures like, Hotels, Hospitals, malls and other recreation facility is likely to take shape on this route in the region and this region will have dense locality in the region.

  • Neelkanth School Dholera
    Neelkanth Residency Dholera,Dholera Sir Property,Neelkanth School Dholera,Dholera Sir Project,Best Investment Dholera,Dholera tradition of education
  • Neelkanth school is located near Neelkanth Residency and the proposed area of the school is 20,000 square meter. It is planned to have a most modern school with a latest and modern infrastructure.

Background of concept of school

  • The ‘Neelkanth Varni’, the founder of ‘Swaminarayan sampraday’ left his home in the tender age of 11 years. He then travelled across the length and breadth of India. He covered Assam, Orissa, Kanyakumari, Kerala, Maharashtra and finally to Gujarat. He decides to settle here and make Gujarat its kamabhumi. He delivered his teaching in the ashram and lieved a spiritual and simple life, which is an example for many even today. His objective was to meet different people, vouch for the truth, learn and disseminate high skill (ashtang yog) and spread this knowledge in the society so that people in the society get benefit of ‘Uddhar’ or ‘mokxha’.

  • Following the same philosophy, the Neelkanth School is a project aim to develop stream of such hardworking and talented students that can walk along the path of truth, acquire necessary skill and achieve modern education of high standard. It is expected that the investment in the teaching and character building of students will pay-off when these stream of people join the main stream of society and occupy the responsible and key positions and take vital decision for the society. Neelkanth School is one such effort to initiate such key societal change.

Neelkanth Residency Dholera,Dholera Sir Property,Neelkanth School Dholera,Dholera Sir Project,Best Investment Dholera,Dholera tradition of education


  • To revive old tradition of education system and blend it with todays education need and generate a class of students which has capability of delivering complex task along with the understanding of and experience in values and ethos of cultural heritage.


  • Objective of the Neelkanth School is to develop a brand of education with a distinct feature of ‘education with spirituality’. It is observed that the ‘Sant Joseph’ and ‘convent’ school made their own identity in the field of education. They both are now a well-known brands for the quality of education they offer. There is a long pending need to evolve such indian education brand. Indian education system was known for guru parampara. The gurukul teaching was well known and was having few important features like, teaching youga, eating simple food, living in a simple life style, practicing the routing work an ordinary persone does and taking education and developing skills sets etc. evidences are found that there were several gurukuls exist in ancient India. The strengths of the Indian education system were this age old system of teaching. Objective of Neelkanth School is to revive this old tradition of the teaching. This they can do it by transforming it in to a modern form of teaching, and thus creating a brand in itself in the field of education with spiritual values.

  • The aim of the school is to develop students with high calibre by providing required skills and training so that they will be capable to opt carrier in research and development rather than aspiring for a conventional carrier path. The concept of such a school is felt by the promoters of this project, who are basically engineers and teachers. These people during their carrier and their engagement with academics felt strong need of such type of education system. The group of these learned people is the core that will direct and drive the development of such an education facility, so that the school can achieve its objective.

Mission Statement

  • Neelkanth School proposes to bring to a common platform the leading learnt persons, religious persons and successful people from industry and inherit a rich culture of creative learning to the students. It also aims to introduce and practice a spiritual life style to the students. Proposed mission of the Neelkanth School is to; develop students who work hard and help the society in character building, engage the talented mentors, develop qualities of tolerance and spiritual thinking in the students.


  • The promoters of Neelkanth School had acquired a piece of land of around 5 acres for this purpose. The location of Neelkanth School is near to International Airport (3 KM) and also near to Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) (1 KM) gives it both an international reach and a pool of students. The project proposed to launch a CBSE affiliated school with the facility to cater students with extra skill required to meet the objectives of the school.

  • The school is situated in village Kamatalav (at survey number 114) next to the most modern infrastructure facility of international airport of Navagam on one side and near to India’s first smart city Dholera-SIR on another.

Proposed Infrastructure

  • Neelkanth School's academic curriculum and its state-of-the-art infrastructure can help in creating a culture of enquiry and learning which will be imprint in the hearts and mind of students and help them to pass positive cycle of change in the society. For this the Neelkanth School is proposed to have a sound and adequate infrastructure. The details of which can be glanced in the proposed road map.

  • Neelkanth School
  • Few the important features of the facility of school will be as under:

    • A strong culture of class room teaching with audio visual aid
    • A culture of hours of reading and practicing in library within the school campus
    • Opportunity to students to manage the key affairs of the school
    • Opportunity to participate in various short term training programs
    • To conduct various industrial tours
    • Opportunity to learn by help of screening of documentary and other visual presentations at special screening hall.
    • Opportunity to participate in lectures organized by eminent persons at the school
    • Opportunity to understand religious philosophy and cross cultural values of society.
    • Skill of the students can be continually enhanced through frequent faculty enrichment programmers, both external and in-house.

  • Few important infrastructures proposed for this purpose are as under:

    • An interactive class rooms with audio visual facility.
    • A separate skill development center, which will have facility to take training and practice, yoga, software skill, engineering drawing, learn musical instruments, etc.
    • The school will have a separate dining hall where the student will take food and can also participate in the management and delivery of the food.
    • The school will also have a residential facility where students and faculty members can stay.
    • School is also proposed to have subject laboratories
    • The school is proposed to have low rise building flooded with natural light and draft of fresh air. The classrooms will be up-to -date with most modern audio-visual facility and will be large enough to accommodate its 20+ students.

Co-curricular Activities

  • All activities at Neelkanth Schoolwill be attempt to develop students into well-rounded personalities. With the objective of providing an appropriateplatform for 'hands-on' learning to students, a wide array of sporting facilities, conducted under the supervision of qualified sportscoaches, is proposed. Neelkanth Schoolproposed to have a lush green Football Fields, Basketball Courts, Table Tennis facilities. Neelkanth School is proposing an interaction programme to various parts of the country and abroad could provide an experiential learning beyond the walls of the classroom and facilitates a deeper contact with nature and the environment.Neelkanth School is also proposed to offer a spiritual interaction of the students with saints and gurus of different religion and different regions with an aim to imbibe simplicity and character building in the students.

Management of school

  • Neelkanth School
  • The school also will take help of industry and other eminent people and include its active support in managing the different issues and affairs of the school. The proposed management structure of the school is as shown in the Figure.

Scheme of Studies (CBSE)

    • Primary School: Classes I, II, III & IV
    • Middle School: Classes V, VI, VII & VIII
    • Secondary School: Classes IX & X
    • Higher Secondary School: Classes XI & XII

Admission Policy

  • Neelkanth School is proposed as a co-education, English medium Central Board ofSecondary Education (CBSE) school. Students are enrolled as a day scholars. Admission is granted on thebasis of the school admission policy. Preference in the admission will be given to the member of Neelkanth Residency scheme. The preference benefit will be given to one students per residence.

  • Neelkanth School


  • The school decision is final andbinding in all matters.

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