Note: Following are few real life field questions that customers had asked us, we tried to answer to the best of our knowledge.

Is it possible to construct multi-story building in the plots, given the fact that Airport is near? What extra care one should take for the construction, given the fact that the land is soft and will not take heavy loads?

  • Yes, you can construct up to eight story building in the plots (by merging few plots in to single area). Administration &Business Centre of Dholera (ABCD) building is under construction. This is eight story building and is being constructed at Dholera only. The foundation of this building in not the same as that is observed in the conventional buildings. This is constructed based on the pile foundations. The piles or pillars are penetrated few meters inside the ground. The construction then actually started in such a way that entire load of the building rest on the pillars. There is at least 30% increase in the cost of foundation. Once the foundation is build rest of the building construction is similar to the conventional method.

Is it possible to construct residence in the common plot?

  • No, common plot is provided with an objective to provide facility build for the benefit of all. The sale of common plot is illegal and one can be prosecuted for misuse of it.

What are chances that the price of your plots will increase?

  • The estimation of the price increase is logical based on the landmark projects declared in the region, e.g. international airport, metro train station, 250 m wide road, etc. As a pessimistic view even if all project gets cancelled overnight and only construction of the residences are assumed to take-up in that case also the real estate value of this region will shoot-up two times. As we know the chances of happening this has a very low probability. Therefore, one can safely assume that the price will go high.

What are if we do not want to buy the plot after giving advance?

  • In our area the price of the plot is steadily increases, number of residency schemes fully sold is increasing. Looking to this if wish that your invested money back, this is actually good option for plot seller. He will be happily return your money and sale the same plot at higher price.

What are projections that the sold plots will take up construction activity?

  • It is declared by the government the first flight from the international airport will fly in 2023. That means once airport is constructed there is some purpose of start living in that area. That means after 2023 (actually even before that) certainly people will start building the residences.

What are the guarantee that you will develop the common plot in the way you have stated in the literature?

  • If you see the theme of stating the common plot is that we wish to encourage intellectual people in the residency and not rich people. For this the common plot is having facility targeting to students and common man, instead of targeting rich class. That is, we have not provided club house, gymnasium, swimming pool, open theatre, etc. instead all the facilities are related to usefulness for the residence in day-to-day basis. Further the ownership of the common plot is in the hand of us and not residence, therefore there are less chances of disputes and miss management or conflict. Looking to all this there are high chances that the stated objectives will be achieved.

What is the quality of drinking water available at Dholera?

  • Quality of drinking water from the bore-well is certainly not good. However, our site is having supply of Narmada water available for all 24x7 basis. Further to this one additional cannel is being revived and is passing only 500 m away from our site.

What are the source of the funds for these development projects in Dholera claimed by the government?

  • Dholera is India’s first smart city and will be developed as a part of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). The entire project is being financed by Japan (provided in the form of soft loan) so the source of funding is Japanese Yan and not Indian rupees. Therefore, it is less likely that there will be any shortage of funds or cancellation of project.

What have happened to the future of the Dholera project if there are political changes in the government?

  • The Dholera is developed by an independent company called Dholera Industrial City Development Limited (DICDL), a government owned independent organisation (very similar to a PSU) (refer for more information). Therefore, there will not be much influence of political change on the operation and management of this organisation.

What if the water level of the sea water increases, will city will survive even then?

  • Well this risk is same as that is to Mumbai and other city. However one can argue for its long term safety by virtue of Kalpsar project. This project will effectively seal the gulf of Khambhat by a wall built between Dahej of Bharuch and Ghogha of Bhavnagar.

What is the advantage of investing outside the boarder of Dholera SIR?

  • Well once developed Dholera will be a metro city and it will have its own municipality or city management system. This will have additional tax burden over and above property tax. Present rate of property tax in baroda is 12%. Since our site is just outside the limit of Dholera and therefore it will be governed by rural laws (until it is merged in Dholera in long term). That means you can be from such tax and at the same time you can enjoy all the infrastructure also. This is an intelligent option.

What is the role of school in your project?

  • The school will provide a basic infrastructure support for your kids and an investor is convinced about the development of region. Further we also offer admission of one kid per member of residency in to school. Additionally, the idle facility of school after school hours (after say 2 PM) will be offered to use to the resident. This includes playground and joggers track. In addition to this the school will organise several events and vocational courses, residents can also take part in these activity.

When these projects will be in action, and will the stated deadline be achieved?

  • Well it is very difficult to say that if the stated projects will meet the deadlines. There are likely that the delay in the work can cause the delay in entire project. This is evident from a recent example of commencing of Ro-Ro service between Dahej and Ghogha. The starting date was delayed by seven months. Very similar things can take place in other projects related to Dholera. However, one can confidently state that government declared project can be delayed but it can’t be cancelled. So we ensure investors about their investments.

When will the International Airport will start and when the project of Aerotropolis will be in fully in action?

  • The Dholera international airport date is declared and that is 2023. However, there is no confirm dates of the making of Aerotropolis is declared nor any confirmed details are declared.

Why is that the Dholera SIR will be bigger than the Delhi in few year time?

  • Total area of Dholera is around 540 square kilometres and out of this the proposed area for the development of the Dholera is 420 square kilometres. This area will be given a shape of a well-planned city. The total projected time for the development of this area is 30 years. The entire development of this core area will be taken-up in phased manner. That is the development is divided in to six town planning scheme each will take approximately 4-5 year to complete. By the time this area will be completed there will be other peripheral development and this will be like a suburb. Take all together it is likely that the total developed area will be more than the Delhi.

Will outside people be allowed to use the facility provided in the Dholera SIR?

  • Yes, as we know Dholera-SIR will not be a walled city and people from outside will be freely allowed to enter and use facility and infrastructure of Dholera. It is very similar to having residence in suburb of Mumbai and holding commercial business centre at centre of Mumbai city.

Why there is additional charges for the development of the plots and what are the basis for that?

  • Since the price of the services vary a lot. It depends from person to person and from time to time. It is not rational to predict what will the charges of an electrician or a mason in year 2023. Therefore, there is no point in collecting money now. As we predict, in year 2023 there will be several construction site in action in this region and there will be enough availability of skilled persons and development of a uniform price for such person. At that time, it is more justified to estimate price for such development.

Can we construct residence without taking your help? Is it mandatory to go for the development plan under you only?

  • Yes, now a day more and more persons are contacting architecture and get their house designed with the aid of visual capability of different software. Since the design of each house in that case will be different, everyone is virtually free to consult their own developers (or as suggested by their architecture). We predict that by 2023 such trend will be widespread and under that scenario there will be hardly few people following traditional practice of building and buying residence.

Once possession of all the plots will be over, who will manage the residency?

  • Sale of plot at 100% carpet area means the plot owners need not to pay for the road and common plots. This clearly means that the ownership of these facilities are retained with the developers. That means we will be providing the facility to the members on equitable basis. However, the cost of building road and its maintenance will be in the scope of users. However, if the facility under common plot is built by an individual then he will be in possession of that facility but that facility is open for use by every member. If a person is opening a make-shift shop for some essential commodity, then the ownership of that shop will be his but every member will be free to take benefit of that shop.

What are the financial implication in terms of additional cost due to the soft land base?

  • This means that if you build a residence for more than two floor the cost of foundation will be increased by approximately 30-50%. Once that is done the rest of the construction cost will be same.

Will there be any pollution to the residency, given the fact that the industry zone is very near to site?

  • Dholera will be fully environmentally zone, to an extent that the city will depend on renewable energy for its self-energy need. However, as far as industry is concerned the highest safety and pollution standards will be observed, so chances of any pollution is scares.

Can we sale the plot to any third party or we need to take your permission before such sale?

  • No there is no need of taking permission before second sale. However, you must take care that you are not gifting your neighbour an unwanted or unbearable neighbour.

Will operation of school will cause sound pollution to the residence?

  • No, prayers of school is hardly of 10 min and besides this there is no any other sound pollution. Many persons also do not like noise created by students while playing in ground, for them we are sorry, you have to bare that.

Is it mandatory that we need to put our kids to your school only?

  • No, but contrary to this your kid can take advantage of the short term courses being organised by school from time to time.

Do you give any assurance that the plots or residences should not use for any other commercial use except residence, e.g. building of hotel, commercial offices, etc.?

  • No, we can’t give such assurance to you. Since there many professions that can be carried out even in residential areas, e.g. consultancy work, office of Chartered Accountant, Theatre, hotel and restaurants, hospital and clinics, car service station, etc.

Can residence of the Neelkanth residency take part in management of Neelkanth School?

  • Yes, as long as any of your own kids studying in it.

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