• Neelkanth School and Neelkanth residency is a twin project. In this the Neelkanth School will manage and operate a CBSE school, while Neelkanth Residency will offer sale of plots near the school. This twin project can be of a great benefit to the investor. The following section will discuss and describes the benefit to the single investors of different types and investing in residential plots with different angle. The single investor may be investing from different point of view. Say he might be investing for the purpose of return, building of future house, sale of existing house and shifting in long run to new house, etc.

Privilege members

  • Neelkanth School offers a privilege membership to the eminent people of the society and persons representing different region, different segments of the society, social groups or religious groups. Privilege members will help manage the operations and affairs of Neelkanth School. This may include trustees, NRI and other specially invited members, people from corporate, persons from religious organization, etc. The role of NRI is very special in this aspects. Since one of the objectives of Neelkanth School is to offer quality education at affordable rates from the people of Indian origine and since the location of Neelkanth School is very near to an International airport, it is expected that Neelkanth School can be an ideal choice for the parents residing in other parts of country and across the globe and wish to ensure quality education to their kids by sending their kids to the Neelkanth School. Study of overseas students is possible if different NRI association of Indian origin may opt to be an active member of Neelkanth School. They can do this either by purchasing plot in Neelkanth Residency and can participate in the activity as a permanent member of the school or Neelkanth School can invite such eminent people directly to contribute in managing the affairs of the school even without his/her purchasing of plot.

  • It is important to mention here that if any NRI person wants to buy the plot in Neelkanth Residency he will be offered a special arrangement from Neelkanth Residency (at free of cost). Under this facility, NRI can buy plot(s) without physically travelling to India for the purpose of signing of the land agreement. The detailed procedure for the said scheme is highlighted as under:

    • An NRI will request Neelkanth Residency to purchase a plot in Neelkanth Residency scheme without his visiting India.
    • The NRI is required to depute one of his relative or a person with whom he will undergo a power of attorney for the purchase of plot.
    • The draft of Power of Agreement will be obtained from respective embassy (of the country of NRI) in India and Neelkanth Residency will prepare an agreement based on that draft.
    • Agreement allows an NRI to execute purchase of plot using power of attorney in favor of his name but executed by his deputed and a trusted person.
    • However, under this arrangement it is ensured by the provision of agreement that the deputed person by NRI cannot either sale or rent the said plot without the prior permission of the NRI. That means the person can only buy the plot and do nothing after that the agreement goes null and void once plot is purchased.
    • The NRI then deposit the full amount of the cost of such plot in the account of Neelkanth Residency.
    • On the same day Neelkanth Residency will execute the plot purchase agreement with the trustee of NRI and in the name of NRI directly.
    • The Neelkanth Residency will show the agreement online to the NRI and his trustee and the original copy of agreement be send to NRI (not to his trustee) through courier on the same day.

  • For detailed investment calculations and benefit Kindly refer economic analysis under Single Investor category.

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